On Pack Promotional Solutions


On Pack Promotional Solutions

Prize Voucher has built its Promotion reputation by offering promotional products that appeal to consumers, drive brand awareness, increase sales and generate great PR. As well as our Catalogue Vouchers, we offer a bespoke service, which delivers exciting and eye-catching solutions, themed to a client’s brand. We have an extensive range of industry supplier contacts and therefore we can support brands with innovative low cost schemes that translate into real value for customers.

We work in partnership with the media and some of the most recognised corporate clients and consumer brands. Our clients look for an all encompassing service that runs from inception through to management of their winners. Prize Voucher has successfully delivered solutions across the board, utilising radio, on-pack, in store, print, digital, mobile and television as mediums.

It’s fair to say we know a bit about promotions. Aside from makeovers, luxury weekends away, adventure activities, pampering spa treatments and wellness sessions to name a few, Prize Voucher also offers a vibrant mix of creativity for all things travel related.

Why use Prize Voucher?

  • We use our knowledge to share with you what’s hot, what’s A-list stylish and most importantly what’s going to work for your brand

  • We give you fairly priced solutions which meet your budget

  • We give your brand's customers the attention that you may not have the time to give them

  • We look after your winners!

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