Golf Day Prizes


Golf Day Prizes

Why resort to the usual gifts of logo balls and tees?

At Prize Voucher we understand your Corporate Golf Day is an extension of your company and therefore it is crucial to create the right impression and provide lifelong memories for your clients and guests. Prize Voucher ensures that there is no longer the need to hand out run of the mill prizes at your next golf day.

A Prize Voucher is a branded voucher that will give participating golfers access to a variety of amazing experiences and products. The possibilities are virtually endless ranging from luxury weekends away and sensational pampering treatments to high-tech equipment and adventure activities. We specialise in tailored packages to suit your requirements.

With a Prize Voucher, you have the ability to provide every golfer with a prize and in doing so, giving them a guaranteed incentive for their participation and support. As for the main prizes, let us source some unique prize combinations for you; adding a distinct difference to your golf day.

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