In-store Competitions

In-store Competitions

In-store Competitions

Marketing promotions have moved away from the traditional and basic concepts of in-store promotional tables or pamphlets, to strategic and tactical assets in any marketing scheme. Promotions are the ‘wow’ part of most marketing strategies, and often the fun aspect of the entire campaign. Rewards, incentives and prizes add colour to business schemes and demand attention from consumers, which is why advertising agencies depend so heavily on them.

Prize Voucher boasts many a relationship with large advertising agencies throughout the country, due to our ability to completely manage the promotional aspect of any campaign while the agencies do what they do best – focus on the strategic part of the campaign and their clients’ various other requirements. By working together we are able to form a specialist team that delivers only the best in our respective fields.

Our solutions offer agencies various options to meeting their clients’ objectives, whether it is to create hype around an existing product, to launch a new product, to generate positive PR, to reward loyal consumers and create new ones, or to simply increase sales. We achieve these goals through our national competitions that offer only the best in prizes, our in-store promotions that include pamphlets and banner designs as well as winner redemption mechanisms, our instant rewards that often involve distribution strategies, and our completely unique and advance online loyalty programmes that encompass aspects other than simple rewards, such as social criteria, information feeds and two way communication mechanisms.

Another aspect of interest is often our expansive catalogue of reward options that we often negotiate at better rates for agencies. We also take care of the entire redemption and booking process to ensure that recipients receive only the best service with constant brand reminders of the company/client from which they received their reward. In addition, we are able to white wash our branding when necessary to ensure that only the client’s branding is known to the general public and their consumers.

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