On-pack promotions

On-pack promotions

On-pack promotions

Today people are quick to take up a good deal or get their share of freebees. Why, simply because people want more for less, people want something for nothing and people want to be rewarded for choosing a particular purchase. Promotions take advantage of this universal trait, by offering consumers a possible extra when purchasing a particular product, especially with in-store promotions.

The purpose is the ability to increase sales quickly and effortlessly by offering the consumer a reward or incentive. FMCG brands use these techniques on a daily basis from buy one, get one free to purchase the product and stand a chance to win a trip to Mauritius. Prize Voucher is not only capable of managing such promotions but is also known to add that extra ‘wow’ factor to ensure that you outdo similar promotions by your competitors.

Our capabilities are endless; from assisting with the actual mechanisms of the campaign, offering the instant rewards, competition prizes, holiday packages and on-pack vouchers, to assisting with prize redemptions and personalised bookings. Whether it is an all inclusive trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, a once in a lifetime hot air balloon experience, or the latest iPad, we have the existing partnerships in place and are often able to offer it to you at reduced rates.

Promotional campaigns actually have the ability to save businesses money, by:

  • Generating new sales

  • Increasing current sales ratios

  • Reaching new consumers

  • Encouraging first time consumers that have the potential to become loyal customers

  • Increasing the response you receive to marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Acquiring your competitors market share

  • Including visual impacts in your current marketing

  • Increasing feet through the door and word of mouth

  • Encouraging new product trials and much more

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