8 Ways to Recognise and Reward Service Excellence


8 Ways to Recognise and Reward Service Excellence

Organisations appreciate that a satisfied and committed workforce delivers excellent service; ensuring long-term customer retention and loyalty. Service excellence is an attitude engrained in every department and it begins and ends with your people.

Here are 8 ways (as per Stairway Consultancy) on how to recognise and reward service excellence in your organisation:

Survey Your Staff
Well-conducted surveys are a critical means to challenge assumptions. Your organisation needs to work at understanding its employees and the organisational culture for success. Helpful tools include questionnaires and focus groups.

Provide Training to Managers in Creating a Motivating Climate
Managers have a key role to play in encouraging motivation amongst their team.  Successful service organisations provide training to managers in leadership and motivation.

Give Positive Feedback
Reinforce in your managers the need to give positive feedback to your staff. Although sometimes feedback has to be negative, often, how it is communicated can drastically increase employee motivation.

Tailor Service Awards to the needs of the Employees
Recognition, through token or monetary benefits, has to be meaningful to those who receive it.

Establish a League Table of Service Performance
The most effective performance measurement methods are those where recognition is given not just to the top performers but to those people who make the best improvements over time.

Issue Certificates of Achievement
When employees attain defined customer experience standards and skill levels, a certificate or token award can help to demonstrate its importance.  A certificate of achievement can become highly prized.

Publicise Examples of Good Service
Every job has a substantial routine element and a company newsletter or e-mail should give service contribution the recognition it deserves. To promote good practice, features on success stories can be a big help to the individuals concerned and to others.

Ensure Team Service Excellence is Recognised
Effective teamwork is at the heart of good service and companies need to encourage team involvement at every level, delegating responsibility.

By recognising and rewarding valued service behaviours and actions, excellence becomes a consistent, premium service at every pass set by a service oriented tone that drives your company strategy at all levels.

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