5 Tips on how to run a Successful Competition

Sucessful Competition

5 Tips on how to run a Successful Competition

The very purpose of a competition is to ensure its success otherwise instead of generating increased sales and profit margins; you are depleting profits and affecting your brand perception. Competitions and promotions may seem like smaller aspects of the marketing chain, but they are in fact one of the biggest influences on purchase decisions when implemented in-store.

The 5 most important tips to consider when implementing or managing a competition are:

1. Think of the competition or promotion as an extension of your brand identity – it is imperative to ensure the campaign name and theme correlate with your overall brand.
2. Ensure that you are using the correct entry mechanism to yield the most entries and purchases. For example SMS entries are known to increase normal entry box entry rates by 30% due to the convenience factor.
3. Ensure that the prize is enticing enough for the target market and suited to the LSM.
4. Ensure that you cover all the legalities such as thorough all inclusive Terms and Conditions and audited draws.
5. Finally and most importantly, your winners are your new brand ambassadors; which is why it is imperative to ensure they remain 100% happy throughout the winner and prize fulfilment process.

Should you require more information on competition mechanics or need assistance with prize sourcing or winner fulfilment please contact Prize Voucher Agency on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 011 022 4348.

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