How to run a Successful Competition in 2015


How to run a Successful Competition in 2015

Today’s business environment is rapidly changing. As our economy and business environment enter a historical shift, our food and beverage industry faces unprecedented challenges. As a result competitions and promotions have increasing importance, the responsibility of which often falls on the advertising/marketing agency that represents the brand.

A beneficial exercise for both the FMCG and the advertising agency, in determining the best fit, is to answer the below questions:

  1. Do you as an FMCG understand your advertising agency’s core benefits and key services? Do you as the advertising agency understand the FMCG’s core business, services/products and brand identity. In order to ensure the ultimate connection with your agency, you first need to understand their type of approach and what they specialise in, and to best communicate your benefits, your agency must be able to intimately understand your company, product attributes, benefits and customer needs.

  2. What are the core objectives of the brand? A promotions campaign can have many objectives; it may be to develop brand recognition, it may be to introduce a new product, or it may be to establish your company’s bona fides as a solution provider.

  3. Are you as an agency familiar with the FMCG’s industry’s trade? Good relationships translate into good publicity.

  4. Who gets the cost savings?

  5. To get full and proper value from your agency, ask for a full explanation on how they determine their fees and rates so there is a cost implication understanding between both parties before you begin with the panning and proposal process.

In 2015, Prize Voucher Agency will take the headache out of your marketing campaigns for both FMCG’s and advertising agencies. We take the guesswork out of “what to do next” by organising all your campaign aspects into a measurable process at a budget that works for you, while the advertising agency can focus on their core services such as brand communications, strategy and the overall campaign synergy with advertising projects. Our retained promise is we help you save time, money and your company’s best resources. By allowing us to use our many years of experience to effectively build your company brand image and marketing through an effective promotional campaign, you and your team can do what you do best.

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