Types of SMS Competitions and Promotions

Types of SMS Competitions and Promotions

SMS to win and SMS voting competitions are on the increase and are predominately used for sales generation and brand awareness. The convenience of being able to simply send an SMS in order to enter or participate increases the appeal to target markets and allows the promoter the freedom of choosing the type of SMS mechanic they would like to implement that best suites the promotion.

The various SMS promotion winner selection options include:

  • Code match instant win: Codes or promotional keywords that are sent for validation and prize determination, through SMS.

  • Code match prize pool: Prize winners are determined at the end of the competition from a pool of correct entries determined by a keyword or code SMSed in.

  • Instant win SMS competitions: Each entry or every 5th, 10th or 100th entry is an automatic win. Once an entrant sends a SMS to the number the system immediately replies with an SMS stating whether or not they have won a prize. Instant win competitions can be entered into as often as your customers like to increase their chance of winning.

  • Grand prize SMS competitions: Entrants can enter from the start date(beginning of competition/promotion) until a specified end date of the competition. All entry information is stored on the system and on the draw date the winner is randomly selected from the database of entries.

  • Voting SMS competitions: A unique keyword is issued and each SMS keyword is totalled - the winner is selected based on the number of votes received.

  • Customer input/suggestions: SMS competitions can also be used to receive feedback and ideas from customers.

  • Coupon generator: A unique code is generated and delivered in return to a valid SMS entry. These codes can be redeemed for prizes or at a point of purchase.

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