5 Steps needed to ensure a Successful Competition Campaign

5 Steps needed to ensure a Successful Competition Campaign

  • Planning

For a competition campaign to attract the correct target audience and in turn be successful, careful planning is the first step in ensuring a positive result. From the onset, goals and strategy must be defined as well as a plan on how you will reach those goals.

  • Target Market Identification

Once you have decided on your goals and the strategy, to reach these you will need to define your target audience. Asking yourself who your competition needs to reach is important as it will help you assess how your goals will be fulfilled. It is also imperative to identify key market leaders and ambassadors of your market.

  • Target Market Reach

Once you have defined your market, you need to strategise on which channels will best communicate to your market, and implement them.

  • Customising the Competition

From the first point of contact to the language used, it is important to ensure that your market can identify with your competition. Your competition needs to be tailored to meet the correct customers and audience.

  • Ongoing Promotion

Although marketing initiatives are in place, close and constant monitoring of the campaign ensures a continued success and quick combat of any unforeseen events should the need arise.

A well planned and defined competition often renders great marketing results. All aspects of a competition once adhered to, generate great ROI and professional winner management builds longer lasting relationships and a simplified ongoing CRM process.

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