Tips on how to run a compliant prize promotion/competition

Tips on how to run a compliant prize promotion/competition

If your organisation is seeking to attract customers by running prize promotions, it is important to understand and comply with regulatory controls on running a competition. With addition to the principles that advertising must be legal, decent, honest and truthful, the following information should be given to consumers before or at the time of entry into the prize promotion:

  • How to participate; if there is a free entry route, this must be clearly explained;

  • Cost per entry for SMS or MMS entries;

  • The start date;

  • The closing date in certain circumstances;

  • Any proof of purchase requirements – or, where a promotion encourages but does not require purchase, a clear statement that no purchase is necessary and explanation of the free entry alternative;

  • The minimum number and nature of any prizes, and whether a cash alternative can be substituted;

  • Any geographical, personal or technological restrictions;

  • Any limit on the availability of promotional packs;

  • The promoter's full name and business address;

  • Any restriction on the number of entries;

  • How and when winner(s) will be notified, and when they will receive their prizes if this is more than 6 weeks after the closing date;

  • How and when the results will be announced; winners' names must be published or available on request, but promoters must not publish excessively detailed personal information;

  • The criteria for judging entries e.g. the most apt and original tie breaker; if the choice is open to subjective interpretation, then an independent judge (or a panel including one independent member) must be appointed, whose name must be available on request;

  • Who will own the copyright in the competition entries (if relevant);

  • How entries will be returned (if applicable); and

  • Any intention to use winners in any post promotion publicity.

Your participants must be able to retain this information or have easy access to it throughout your promotion. The Prize Voucher Agency campaign managers are specialists in competition promotions and take the headache out of the creation of terms and conditions. We offer this service at a great rate and customise it, to meet your requirements from the onset until the end. Contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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