How to ge the Recognition You Deserve at Work

 Recognition you deserve

How to Evoke the Recognition you deserve at Work  

It is fair to say that being ignored does not bode well with anyone. Therefore, when you stay late at work for most days of the week; never arrive late; finish even the most tedious projects on time and are consistent in the quality of your work; it’s a given that you feel you deserve some credit.  It then becomes frustrating when you don’t get the recognition you feel you deserve, when you are that employee who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty to make certain the job is done. The following practical ways will assist in increasing your chances of being given credit when it is more than due:

Lead by Example

If you notice a co-worker doing something great, send them an email praising their efforts and copy in your boss. This will encourage your colleagues and, in turn, you will also receive the credit you deserve.

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Being innovative is a great approach such as developing a project that will benefit the company or your department, stepping up and taking on that dreaded project nobody wants. This will show management your willingness to assist to get the job done and your commitment.

Keep in mind that is is never a good idea to overwork yourself, but if you see a new opportunity to help you expand your skills, take advantage of it.

Define why you deserve Praise

It goes without saying that it is pointless to say you want recognition when you have not contributed anything worthy to receive it. Be honest with yourself; when you stay late at work, are you the only one or is it a team effort?  Make a list of all your accomplishments and beside each point, state how it has brought value to the company. Remember, only great results are what will evoke recognition.

Do not be Afraid to let your Light Shine

There are discreet and reasonable ways of letting your boss know of what you are bringing to the table. For example, send your boss an email every time you win a new account or when you are able to please that impossible to please client. Be more proactive in team meetings and contribute something to the discussions. This will demonstrate your involvement and interest in the company. Become indispensable as the “office problem-solver”. Developing a reputation as an innovator or creative thinker can be valuable.While you're doing this, make sure that you continue to do the core parts of your job well. If you fail to do this, you'll get noticed – but for all the wrong reasons!

Finally, remember to be gracious when you do get the recognition, don’t downplay it. You worked hard for it; therefore bask in the acclaim of your colleagues and boss’ recognition.

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