8 Benefits of a Peer-to-Peer Nomination Programme

Benefits Peer Nominations

8 Benefits of a Peer-to-Peer Nomination Programme

The workplace is our hypothetical second home and therefore our colleagues become our hypothetical family. It, therefore, goes without saying that peer-to-peer recognition for outstanding work has a valuable impact. Incentive campaigns in the form of peer-to-peer nominations, when designed, implemented and maintained correctly, are a great platform to increase the morale and performance amongst employees.

Very little comes close to the feeling of wanting to, and looking forward to, attending work every day. Not only to complete your job but also to be in the company of people who are pleasing to work with, encouraging, sincere in offering constructive criticism and most of all, who recognise and acknowledge your hard work. Co-workers know our strengths, weaknesses and when we bend over backwards to get the work done. So it means so much more when they affirm your hard work and sacrifice.

There are many benefits of successfully implementing a peer-to-peer rewards programme, these include:
1.    Not just another employee – by allocating responsibility to employees to recognise their co-workers they feel like a valuable member of the company.

2.    Raising performance levels in the workplace – co-workers are motivated by the opportunity to be recognised and rewarded which leads to a higher level of engagement.

3.    Teamwork - the programme makes it possible for increased camaraderie between workers, employee leaders, and a sense of ownership.

4.    Longevity - public recognition through as monthly meeting or company function encourages colleagues to continue nominating as well as striving to be nominated.  

5.    Increased satisfaction – colleagues are more appreciative of the nomination and the recognition when it comes from their fellow peers.

6.    Heightened awareness in the workplace – the programme encourages staff be more aware of their colleagues’ efforts and hard work.

7.    Removes pressure from managers – it relieves the primary responsibility of both managers and senior leaders who are overburdened with additional work commitments.

8.    Increased profits – as a result of increased targets met and higher performance levels.

This brings the importance of peer-to-peer nominations into light. At Prize Voucher Agency we recognise that it is crucial to make the nomination process as easy, accessible and fun as possible. Contact us today for more of our seamless solutions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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