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Total Rewards

Total Rewards

The purpose of an employee recognition and rewards programme is to recognise employees that not only go beyond what is expected, but also display the company’s values and contribute to the manifestation of its goals, mission and vision.

Designing an Employee Recognition Programme 
  • Find out from management what they believe the company’s goals, mission and vision to be.
  • Ask for the employees’ ideas and opinions on what motivates them and makes a conducive working environment.
  • With the feedback, create criteria for a recognition programme that ties into the goals, mission and vision of the company.
Implementation of an Employee Recognition Programme
  • To ensure the employee rewards programme is successful the following have to be met:
    • The transparency of the programme is important, from the inception stage to implementation and maintaining it. Ensuring that the employers and employees are able to provide their suggestions throughout these stages is important.
    • Keeping and maintaining the momentum of the programme by always touching base with the thoughts and opinions of the participants. Also by maintaining excitement throughout the programme to encourage ongoing participation.
  • Communication holds great importance in the success of any programme.
    • Keeping the communication doors open. Where everyone knows and feels they can provide their opinion at any given time.
    • Not only communicating virtually, but also making a point to correspond with everyone during team meetings and providing suggestion boxes.
  • Convenience makes all the difference.
    • Using the latest technology to your advantage; everybody loves convenience. Therefore, offering mobile and App capabilities where nominations can be made at the convenience of the employee is another way of simplifying and making the programme more accessible.
    • Making the nomination process clear and simple.
  •  Making it worthwhile for employees to nominate by acknowledging their nominations.
  • A platform where everyone can be recognised and acknowledged for their hard work or going beyond what is expected from them.
Maintaining a Successful Employee Rewards Programme

The transparency of the nomination process can never lose its importance to the success of a programme. When everyone feels they can see how the process is being run, it gives them a feeling of ease and encourages them to continue nominating.

Some of the ways of achieving this are:

  • Changing the nomination selection committee periodically to ensure objectivity. Everyone can vote on how long each committee should stand for.
  •  A fun, positive competition between different departments by having them come up with themes, designs and brands for each nomination award and event.
  • Maintain awareness of the nominations by always incorporating it in team meetings, blast emails, and encouraging the employers to talk about it.
  • Excite new employees by showing them what they can be rewarded with when they live by the company’s values.
  • Always be willing to continue to show the employees the process of nominating. Having a easy and simple process is always best.
  • At the award events and team meetings it is important to have those who were recognised for their hard work as well as those who nominated them share on how it feels.
  • This will also improve the morale as all will see both aspects of the programme. And everyone can also comment on how seeing their colleagues be recognised and rewarded impacted them.
  • Keep the nominations alive. 
    • Send out SMS’s and emails to the employees to remind them to nominate. 
    • Always have attention-grabbing reminders on the notice boards.
    • Keep stickers by the vending and coffee machines.
    • Use social media to keep them excited about nominating
  • Have award events regularly.
    • The employees should be excited and look forward to the award events. So, the rewards and seeing their colleagues’ being recognised and acknowledged should be an experience for everyone.
    • The events should be fun for everyone involved, not just those who are being rewarded. For example, the peers can also encourage a colleague who can sing to showcase their talent at the event to make it more fulfilling and fun.
  • It is vital for all employees to understand and be able to attain the values, mission and goals of the company. 
  • Know your employees.
    • As people we are all different, therefore sometimes a colleague who is being recognised may be shy or modest and not revel in public recognition. So, calling them into your office and presenting them with a gift and acknowledgement of their hard work can work wonders. It will also make the employees feel important and really valued; they are not just another number.

Running a successful reward programme is not impossible or far-fetched. It can be done when everyone is included and can provide suggestions and be recognised. Also by keeping up with all the latest and greatest trends to make it worthwhile for employees to nominate. We spend more hours of the day at work, so it is important to make the working space a place where everyone feels at home and part of a loving family.Contact us today for our unrivalled service – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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