Staff Incentives: A Refreshing Overview and what to expect


2016 Rewards Overview

Staff Incentives: A Refreshing Overview and what to expect 

What are Staff Incentives?

An incentive is a reward that is offered to an employee by the employer to motivate a certain standard of performance and stimulate positive behaviour. This excludes the employee's normal compensation and benefits. Incentives and a well implemented and managed staff incentive campaign, encourages workers to go above and beyond their normal levels of performance and also helps to create a positive working environment between staffin the work space. This  illustrates that the term "happy worker, happy employer" is true.

Who is Prize Voucher Agency?

At Prize Voucher Agency our aim is to help companies increase work performance, employee morale and create better communication streams. . This is done by helping companies to apply staff incentive campaigns that are best fit to each company. Different campaigns include  sales incentive programmes that are aimed at motivating sales agents to exceed their targets and retention programmes which identify employees living the company's values, and more.

Communication is stepped up by encouraging more employee participation by using social media, mobi surveys and USSD to gain important feedback. Which helps employers know where their workers stand and how they feel; in turn giving them more insight on how best to move forward.

Overall employee morale and productive working environments are achieved through the rewards programmes, which include gift and shopping cards, experiences and travel incentives. Besides making the employees feel appreciated and their hard work acknowledged, this helps bring friendly competition between workers which means higher profits resulting from higher work performance. Prize Voucher Agency is the personification of a fairy godmother; taking care of even the smallest detail on the backend, implicating less stress for the company/client.

Prize Voucher Agency also works tirelessly to ensure that competitions are planned to the "T" and run smoothly. We make sure that a company's competition strategy is thorough and well developed; understanding the target market and what will make the winners happy.

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