Satisfied Customer; Successful Business

Satisfied CustomerSatisfied Customer; Successful Business

Every sales person knows that it is not an easy feat to make a sale, never mind create recurring loyal customers. In addition, no one can dispute that their ultimate objective is to have their brand on everyone’s lips when they think of a particular product or service. Simply having your product/s on the shelves, and services advertised is not enough to find and keep a customer anymore, which is why consumer promotions have become so vital.

One of the best ways of not only retaining but also increasing your clientele is through the use of competitions. Launching a competition is lucrative for your business as you gain so much in return. Not only in market share but also in first time customers, as competitions entice people to try products they would normally not buy. This, in turn, could lead to the creation of loyal customers in the future.

Customers love entering competitions especially if all they need to do is purchase their favourite products. This also demonstrates appreciation for their loyalty to the brand as they stand a chance of winning amazing prizes in addition to the use of the product or service.

Customers are the biggest marketing tools for a brand, because when they are happy, they inform the people around them, which in turn increase your clientele. Which results in a win-win for you and your customers.

The benefits of running a competition are many and have a substantial impact on the company including but not limited to:

• Giving customers a reason to keep coming back for more;
• Helping elevate your profile;
• It’s a no-lose situation for the customer;
• New clientele.

In addition, running a competition provides better customer satisfaction, which leaves you with life-long and loyal customers. The common feedback from customers who have won in competitions, irrelevant of how big or small the prize, is “This has made a great difference in my life. Thank you.”

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