How Procurement Outsourcing can improve your Consumer Promotions


How Procurement Outsourcing can improve your Consumer Promotions

Consumer Promotions consist of various manageable aspects; one of the most vital being the prizes and winner fulfilment. Choosing the correct prize for your target market, ensuring that it is enticing to all consumers and fulfilling the entire management of the campaign, if not done correctly, has the potential to make or break a great competition or promotion.

Procurement services start at the very beginning of the promotion mechanics from suggested prize options that meet your criteria, negotiated bulk discounts, warehousing the items, to calling the prize winners, acquiring their delivery addresses, making the delivery and post delivery follow-ups.

As a specialist procurement agency, our cost saving procurement model includes:

  1. Best-fit recommendations for your target market; ensuring the prize is enticing to existing consumers to increase their purchases and inspire first time buyers.

  2. Product and price negotiations.

  3. Designing templates such as terms and conditions and winner scripts.

  4. Supplier Relations Management.

  5. Prize delivery and distribution - door to door delivery.

  6. In-house call centre to congratulate winners and manage consumer responses and enquiries.

  7. Complete prize fulfilment from managing the competition entries to winner selection.

  8. Promotion report.

  9. Efficient inventory management and warehousing.

Close and constant monitoring of the campaign ensures a continued success. A well planned and managed promotion often renders great marketing results. All aspects of a promotion once adhered to, generate great ROI and professional winner management builds longer lasting relationships and a simplified ongoing CRM process.

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