What is an Incentive Points Programme


What is an Incentive Points Programme?

We understand that today’s businesses need every advantage they can get. Prize Voucher’s Incentive Points Programme is a flexible, powerful tool to motivate your stakeholders to take the action you want. Increase sales energy, retain loyal employees and motivate customers to buy with this customised web-based solution.

How does it work?

The Incentive Points Programme is a fully branded and customised incentive website for your company offering a fantastic selection of prizes in exchange for points awarded to customers/partners/employees for achieving certain goals. Recipients of the points can access their points and redeem rewards online 24 / 7!

Loyalty Points

This web based application can also be designed with specialized features for companies who want to set up a programme where customers or partners spend regular amounts. This points system will reward the account holders for their continuing loyalty, and encourage them to increase their business with the company. The programme also allows your business to communicate regularly with your customers, bringing to their attention current specials and attractive promotions.

Creative Services

Prize Voucher will design your themed incentive programme with graphics that fully engage your audience. Our team puts themselves in the chairs of those you want to motivate. Our ultimate goal is to communicate effectively with your corporate audience who is wondering: "What's in it for me"? "What will I receive"? "Show me what I can win". "Show me exactly how I can win it". Trust Prize Voucher’s creative professionals to create an amazing Incentive Points Programme.

Features of the Incentive Points Programme:

  • Wide range of great rewards, from inspirational to practical

  • Communication suite, including monthly newsletters, leader boards, account reports and point expiry notifications

  • Client can retain full control of points issued

  • Integration of a shopping cart simplifies redemption of points to user accounts

  • List of the highest achievers/point holders to promote competition

  • Has on going external administrative support

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