USSD and SMS Solutions

ussd and smses

USSD and SMS Solutions

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's computers. Essentially it is the same process you follow when purchasing airtime or data on your cellular phone: you simply dial a short code which takes you to a menu of options, you click 1 for XYZ, 2 for ABC, 3 for DEF, and so forth, or simply enter responses to separate questions which pop up as you submit your answers.

USSD has numerous uses in competitions and staff incentive programmes. In the competition arena USSD is ideal for companies looking to build a detailed database of their customers or potential customers. USSD provides the platform to acquire the entrants name and surname, region, age, the branch or store where they purchased the product, gender, etc.

With regards to staff incentive campaigns, USSD allows participants without access to computers or smart phones to still participate in the campaign. Ordinarily the participant would log onto the customised campaign website where they would be able to check their points and redeem prizes using the online shop. The mobi site offers the same solution on phones with internet access. When these platforms are inaccessible by the participants, USSD provides a solution which may be used across the board in any industry type for any LSM. The participant merely needs a bottom of the range cellular phone and dials the short code in order to check their balance, redeem prizes, etc. This ensures that all employees may participate.

Prize Voucher also offers SMS solutions in the form of sending bulk SMSes to communicate to participants without computer access, an SMS short code for competition entries, and personalised bulk SMSes which allow the entry and distribution of individual characters/words within a generic message such as a unique password or username sent to each recipient. Our SMS system is also linked to an audited draw system for winner selection and detailed reporting.

No matter your need, target audience, LSM or participant accessibility we have the solution and services that are ideally suited to your campaign.

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