Why are competitions so important for your brand?

Brand Competition

Why are competitions so important for your brand?

Your brand identity is the representation of your company's reputation. A strong brand is one of the most valuable fixed assets of a company and is priceless. Whilst it is important that thorough research and time is invested in your brand, nothing accelerates customer participation and brand engagement, like a well executed and managed competition.
Not only are competitions a great way to drive your product/service usage, but they also highlight your brand promise to your customer. As an organisation, you also want to recognise and reward your long term loyal customers, and what greater way than affording them the opportunity to get back what they have put in: their hard earned money. It is an excellent marketing communication tool that you do not want to be without.

Competitions also have the advantage of accelerating your social media participation and are a quick, low-cost incentive to encourage your customers to do some of your marketing for you, through word of mouth.

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