5 Steps to ensure your Competition T&C's are Compliant


5 Steps to ensure your Competition Terms and Conditions are Compliant and Brand Related

There are several facets involved in a consumer promotional campaign and it is equally important to ensure that at all levels, diligence is executed. A consumer promotional campaign has the advantage of generating brand awareness and spurring further product sales. At the core of every great promotion, lies a clear set of comprehensive Terms and Conditions. Competition terms and conditions are imperative in protecting your promotion from any abuse or fraudulent entries and avoid damaging your reputation.

Here are a few essential steps to ensure compliant terms and conditions:

  1. Always ensure all CAP code requirements are met.

  2. All legal terms should at all times be clearly outlined and explained.

  3. Language use should always be clear, consistent, concise and remain professional.

  4. Each paragraph has an important message therefore there should always be clear use headers, subtitles and short paragraphs and numbering.

  5. Language use should be such that is will be understood at all LSM levels.

    It is essential to always have your terms checked by a professional promotional verification service. As a consumer promotions agency, we have dedicated legal consultants to ensure that our terms and conditions remain, and are always, compliant with all competition and consumer protection act legislations.

    Prize Voucher Agency is an industry leader and should your team need assistance from our dedicated legal team to develop your terms and conditions, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We go the extra mile.

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