Do In-Store Competitions really Increase Sales?

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Do In-Store Competitions really Increase Sales?

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines sales promotions as "media and non-media marketing pressure applied for a predetermined, limited period of time in order to stimulate trial, increase consumer demand, or improve product quality."

Together with advertising, public relations and personal selling, in-store sales promotion is an important component of the business's overall marketing strategy. Compared to the other components of the marketing mix, sales promotions usually operate on a shorter time line, using a more rational appeal which returns a tangible or real value, fosters an immediate sale and contributes highly to profitability.

The referenceforbusiness.com, states that sales promotions (competitions) act as a competitive weapon by providing an extra incentive for the target audience to purchase or support one brand over another. It is particularly effective in spurring product trial and unplanned purchases and most marketers believe that a given product or service has an established perceived price or value, and use sales promotions to change this price-value relationship by increasing the value and/or lowering the price.

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